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Rachel Maddow Bashes Republicans for Buying into Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories (Video)

A desire to explain the inexplicable is what leads to the acceptance of conspiracy theories. When a tragic event occurs and someone does something that defies what rational people would consider normal behavior, there is a natural tendency to look for explanations – no matter how far out of the mainstream they may be.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, as has been the case following most national tragedies, conspiracy theories began to pop up regarding what happened. Some of them were born in message boards and amongst paranoid non-believers of everything the government says; others were peddled by professional conspiracy theorist con men.

On Wednesday night, Rachel Maddow went after all conspiracy theorists in the first segment of her show. She acknowledged that these types of ideas have always existed, but bashed big name, influential Conservatives for legitimizing them.

“The right is taking the gloves off after the Boston bombing. The most influential conservative media online is full-on embracing the conspiracy theorists who say it was the government who attacked… These forces have always existed on the right. And they are now, though, as great as they’ve ever been. Where are the countervailing forces on the right, if there are any, and where does this all end?”

Check out her entire rant on the matter in the video below.

Sources: Mediaite, MSNBC


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