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Quality of Speach

It is easy to be critical of a person who speaks so crudely without looking at the underlying message.

It begs the question, "Why must the US be the only country in the world with an Immigration Service with no right to enforce?"

I strongly believe our immigration quotes are too low and need adjustment. 

I carry a driver’s license for identification, which could just as easily be a national identity card with driving right endorsement.  When I travel in other countries, I am never without my passport.  Are we saying technologies of legal identity work in every other country but beyond our capability or that people here need to be able to hide?

If we insist on having a 2 path immigration policy: one with normal paperwork and one akin to a fraternity hazing ritual of hazardous passage, are we willing to accept responsibility for the unfortunates who die in the process; also like a pool owner with an inadequate fence to keep the neighbor kids out and safe.

Since the bulk of the dispute has to do with Mexicans, and the Mexican government is so strongly insistent on its citizens having a unquestioned right to American opportunities and we are unable to say no, the best solution may be annexation.  If they want the right to come here, we should have the right to go down there and clean up the corruption, rather than watch passively as it festers on our border.  It would be a big challenge, as big as East Germany was for West Germany, but it will finally put a handle on the lawlessness.


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