Pueblo Newspaper Runs Anti-Semitic Ad by Pro-Gun Group


The Pueblo Chieftain in Pueblo, Colorado has repeatedly run an anti-Semitic ad created by a pro-gun group, Pueblo Freedom and Rights.

The ad calls for the recall of Colorado State Sen. Angela Giron and shows her being controlled by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish.

The depiction of a Jewish puppet-master plays to the anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about Jewish people supposedly controlling politics, noted MediaMatters.org.

The ad, which ran on September 8 and 9, also shows Bloomberg showering Giron with money.

Giron has been targeted for supporting state laws that expanded gun background checks, which most NRA members support, and a 15-round limit on magazine size. 

The recall election is September 10, although the early voting has already begun.

State Senate President John Morse has also been targeted for recall.

So far, the NRA has spent $361,000 to support the recall.

According to ProgressNow Colorado, the Pueblo Chieftain's assistant publisher, Jane Rawlings, general manager Ray Stafford and production director Dave Dammann all signed recall petitions against Giron.

Sources: MediaMatters.org and ProgressNow Colorado


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