Psychic Says Trump Will Be Assassinated


A British psychic has predicted that President Donald Trump will be assassinated.

Lyndsay Edwards claims to be a "born psychic" who "actually came back to the earth plane this time around to do psychic readings in order to help people who lose their way in life or just need a little guidance on their life path."

Her website reveals over a dozen predictions for 2017/2018, including, "Justin Bieber meets new love and it gets pretty serious," and "The ocean will explode and destroy parts of certain countries."

Her Trump assassination prediction, which was posted on Jan. 29, was inspired by her spirit guide, who allegedly told her that the president will be "shot dead during a public speech he is doing."

But the shot will not be from a gun. "I am shown a bow and arrow and feel it could be the arrow that goes through Trumps heart," Edwards says. She added that it will happen in October.

"To be honest I don’t watch the news or read newspapers," she continued. "I genuinely don’t know much about Donald Trump or his political views," but she has heard about his immigration policies, which she says saddens her to her "very core" and that she finds it "totally unbelievable!"

She believes that a backlash among "those who will feel immensely offended by Donald’s Trumps actions" is what will lead to his death, which she suspects will be welcomed by some or all of her readers.

"I actually feel awful writing this blog post, it’s not nice to predict someone's death but I feel I had to share my prediction with you all and isn’t it crazy that some of you or maybe all of you will feel comfort in knowing that Donald Trump will be taken out of political power this year!"

But not before Trump defeats ISIS, she says.

On April 15, she reported that her spirit guide informed her that "ISIS will be squashed/finished/ended/gone completely in June this year thanks to Trump."

At first, she was skeptical that victory could be achieved so quickly, but became convinced after watching the news. "Anyway, this week on the news it was announced that Trump gave the go ahead to the US military to bomb an ISIS base and this bomb was a success in wiping out some of ISIS," she wrote. "Seriously after seeing this on the news, I can see that spirit may be right and it may be June 2017 in which Trump wins the war against ISIS."

Sources: (2) / Photo credit: Pixabay

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