'Psychic' Shares Vision Of Trump's Assassination

A woman claiming to be psychic is predicting that President Donald Trump will be assassinated while giving a speech.

Lyndsay Edwards posted about her "vision" on her website, according to Perezhilton.com.

"Donald Trump will be shot dead during a public speech he is doing," she wrote. "The person will shoot from a roof but will be killed by Trump's security immediately after killing Donald Trump."

Edwards goes on to state that her "guide" informed her that the motivation for the assassination will be Trump's controversial policy decisions.

"I am shown that he is shot during or shortly after an explosion which I feel isn’t too far from where Trump is giving his (unknown to him) last speech," she explained. "I am shown a bow and arrow and feel it could be the arrow that goes through Trump's heart."

According to Edwards, the assassination is going to take place in October and will be preceded by "many riots, violent protests and total [chaos]."

Edwards offers psychic readings via email and telephone through her website. She has by her own admission only been doing them since 2016.

Talk of Trump's assassination is not limited to psychics. Appearing on a political talk show on Jan. 25, German newspaper editor Josef Joffe suggested that "murder in the White House" was one way out of what a viewer termed "the Trump catastrophe," according to RT.

Joffe was not asked to clarify whether he was calling for Trump's assassination.

Sources: Perezhilton.com, Lyndsayedwards.com, RT / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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