Protesters Disrupt Students For Trump Meeting (Video)


A Students for Trump meeting was interrupted by anti-Trump student protesters at Portland State University in Oregon on April 7 (video below).

In a heavily-edited video posted on YouTube by LaughingAtLiberals on April 8, some anti-Trump signs can be seen outside the meeting room's window. Two of the signs read, "Hate Has No Place At PSU," and "Red Power," which was next to a Mexican Flag.

"I want to discuss the fact that you had set up a Trump promotion for this meeting ... in chalk," a female protester stated, notes Campus Reform. "They had chalked in a promotion for this meeting."

"I just want you to know that this is what it looks like to actually get in the way of white supremacy," a second female protester added before being drowned out by Trump supporters.

The room then dissolved into chaos with shouting, students trying to film and other students trying to stop them.

The second female protester tried talking again, but was drowned out. A third female protester shouted in response, "I’m on SAC, you f-----! Shut the f--- up!"

Someone yelled back, "Go to the Students Against Trump meeting!"

Then a group of pro-Trump students shouted, “Can’t stump the Trump!,” and pumped their fists.

Eventually, the shouting stopped and a male Trump supporter explained how his parents spent thousands of dollars to immigrate to the U.S. 

In another clip of the third protester, she shouted, "If you don't let [the second protester] talk, I will f--- s-- up!"

A fourth student protester told the room: "The only way to combat this s--- is to join an organization that has an anti-racist, anti-capitalist stance. That is what I'm talking about. And you need to get out of the f---- way and let people of color, let these people organize themselves."

Some of the anti-Trump students confronted the person filming the video and told him to stop, but he cited an Oregon law and continued.

"I just want everybody here to know that you have just participated in a successful Trump shutdown," the second protester concluded. "And if they try it again, the same s--- is gonna happen, I promise you."

She then led a chant, "If you do this s-- again, we're coming back!"

On the Students For Trump Facebook page, commenters were supportive of the pro-Trump students:

Hello Students For Trump I'm a freshman in college in New York and I really support what you guys are trying to do. Do not let these people intimidate you out of having meetings! While I'm disappointed that these "tolerant" and "compassionate" crybullies shut down your meeting I'm glad it was all caught on video so everyone saw their true colors.

We support your efforts to assemble PSU Students for Trump. Please stay strong. Free speech and the right to assemble! It is what Trump is all about. Be the strong example of our First Amendment rights in action. Peacefully assemble everywhere you can. Do as Ghandi did and just peacefully keep it up in the face of bullying opposition. That will be the mirror to their faces that shames them. Trump for President 2016!!!


Sources: Campus Reform, PSU Students For Trump Forming Meeting/Facebook / Photo credit: LaughingAtLiberals/YouTube

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