Protesters Block Security Checkpoints At Inauguration (Video)

Many supporters of President Donald Trump were blocked by protesters at security checkpoints for the presidential inauguration in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20 (video below).

According to RT.com reporter Alexander Rubinstein, who filmed the video, the checkpoints were blocked by protesters from Black Lives Matters and Disrupt J20.

In the video, the protesters chanted: "This checkpoint is closed!" and "Hey hey, ho, ho, white supremacy has got to go!"

The Washington Post notes that protesters slowed down crowds and blocked some from entering the Mall area, which faces the U.S. Capitol where the president is traditionally sworn in.

Five black male protesters, who chained themselves together to block a path, yelled “Shut it down!” and "All we have to lose is our chains" at a checkpoint at John Marshall Park.

Other protesters chanted, "This is what democracy looks like!" while a Trump supporter yelled back: "This is what democracy looks like, but I can’t get to it because of you!"

Michael Henning, a Trump supporter from Ohio, expressed his frustration to The Washington Post: "We drove 20 hours, and now we can’t get in. Everyone should have just brought guns and had it out, I’d be happy if they just dropped a bomb on them."

While most of the protesters were peaceful, some burned flags and tossed bricks, which resulted in almost 110 arrests in the early afternoon hours. Police reportedly used flash-bang grenades and pepper spray on some demonstrators.

According to D.C. Interim Police Chief Peter Newsham, only "a very small percentage" of the thousands of protesters resorted to violence, but they did cause "significant damage to a number of blocks in our city."

"It’s disappointing that it had to happen," Newsham added. "We knew this was going to be a long day ... Anyone who thinks they can come here and break the law, we will take them into custody."

Sources: RT.com, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: Alexander Rubinstein/Twitter

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