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Proposed Texas Law Would Allow Teachers To Kill Students

Texas State Rep. Dan Flynn (R) is proposing a new law called The Teacher’s Protection Act, which would allow teachers to use force or deadly force against students or anyone else on campus.

Under the bill, a teacher would not be prosecuted if he or she killed a student, if the teacher felt the need to protect him or herself. Teachers would also be allowed to kill someone to protect school property, notes the Houston Chronicle.

Current Texas law allows the "use of force, but not deadly force" by a teacher if he or she "reasonably believes the force is necessary to further the special purpose or to maintain discipline in a group."

The Wall Street Journal noted that teachers and other school employees in Texas are already allowed to have guns on campus, thanks to a law passed after the Sandy Hook shootings in December 2012.

Teacher safety was recently in the news after a New Jersey instructor was reportedly attacked by a student over a cell phone (video below).

Sources: Houston Chronicle, Wall Street Journal
Image Credit: Tim Patterson


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