Promiscuous Black Men, Like Obama, Want Abortion, Claims American Family Association (Audio)


The Texas Legislature was recently called into a second special session to pass a restrictive abortion bill, which failed during the regular session and was filibustered in the first special session.

The proposed abortion bill would ban all abortions after 20 weeks with no exception for rape or incest. The bill does allow abortion to save the life of the mother or to terminate a fetus with severe abnormalities.

If the mother's life is in danger, the bill instructs doctors to try to save the life of the baby during the abortion.

Pro-abortion and anti-abortion supporters have been rallying this week outside and inside the Texas Capitol in Austin.

According to, Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Dallas said at a rally: “Anyone who opposes this bill, whether he or she realizes it, is a tool of Satan being used by Satan to accomplish Satan’s purpose of death."

Jeffress appeared the American Family Association's radio show yesterday with host Sandy Rios, who said that promiscuous black men, including President Barack Obama, are "pushing" abortion rights, noted

However, the Christian host provided no evidence that Obama, who is married and has two children, is "promiscuous." Nor did she present proof that promiscuous black men favor abortion.

“It is generally, from my opinion, the promiscuous white men who are pushing abortion," Rios said. "I would even say the promiscuous black ones like our president, oh forgive me I shouldn’t say that, but they’re the ones who want sexual license, they do not want responsibility; abortion has always helped men more than it helps women.”

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