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Post-Election Donation Wave Hits Progressive Groups


President-elect Donald Trump's victory has triggered a landslide of donations to progressive causes. Planned Parenthood alone has seen a 40-fold increase in donations in the month-and-a-half since the election.

According to Time magazine, in the week following the election, Planned Parenthood saw 80,000 donations made -- many in the name of Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

“This is always our big time of year, but this year it’s huge,” Loretta Prescott, development director for the Immigration Legal Advocacy Project in Maine, told The Guardian. “Instead of giving gifts, people are making donations to causes they believe in.”

The American Civil Liberties Union saw their website crash as a 7,000 percent increase in visitor traffic hit the day after the election. Furthermore, the next five days saw over $7 million in donations from 120,000 donors. And by Christmas, the civil liberties organization has raised, from individual online gifts alone, $23 million from over 300,000 donors.

Advocacy consulting group 270 Strategies, founded by former Obama campaign staffers, reported that hundreds of their clients were experiencing a similar surge in support.

“We work with gun safety groups, environmental groups, immigration and voting rights organizations, unions pushing for a higher minimum wage, supporters of public education and women’s reproductive rights, and many are seeing an extraordinary uptick in support both by way of donations and volunteers,” said Hari Sevugan, director of 270 Strategies.

Prescott, whose group supports refugee and immigration cases in Maine, noted that donations have risen 200 percent since the election.

She added that a man recently entered the group’s office with a bag of cash that he left as an anonymous donation.

“We’re small and we serve the whole of Maine,” Prescott said. “The people we serve are fearful, asking us, ‘Is the new government able to do what the candidate said they would do ... mass deportations?’”

Sources: The Guardian, Time / Photo credit: Andy/Flickr

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