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Pro-Trump Latinos Upset Over Immigration Speech (Video)

Many Latino Trump supporters are upset over the hard-line immigration speech given by the Republican presidential nominee in Phoenix on Aug. 31 (video below).

Alfonso Aguilar, the president of Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, announced on CNN on Sept. 1 he was pulling his support for Trump:

And so I decided to support him and I thought that we could work with him and the campaign to move him to the center on immigration. And the initial response was very good. For the last two months he said he was not to going to deport people without criminal records.

He actually said that he was going to treat undocumented immigrants without criminal records in a humane and compassionate way, he said he was going to soften his position. And then we heard yesterday and I was totally disappointed, not surprised, but disappointed and slightly misled.

Because he gave the impression, the campaign gave the impression until yesterday morning that he was going to deal with the undocumented in a compassionate way. And in that speech, he’s basically saying, we deport you or we self-deport you. It’s even worse than what he initially proposed.

So today I’m saying, not only am I considering withdrawing my support, I’m telling you today, I’m withdrawing my support from Donald Trump. And it’s not only me. Many like me think the same way.

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Javier Palomarez told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Sept. 1:

Therein lies the quandary that he’s painted himself into this box. He’s damned if he does, he's damned if he doesn’t. He had to come back out and really kind of fire up his base, but the reality of it is he hasn’t done anything to help himself in terms of growing the number [of supporters].

And so I think he's done for with the Hispanic community. He's never going to see the White House if he doesn't get a significant portion of the Hispanic vote. I don’t know if you guys speak Spanish, but I want you to remember this one word: "Payaso." "Payaso." It means "clown." This guy is a complete clown.

Leslie Sanchez, a political analyst for CBS News, tweeted on Sept. 1: "Hispanic leader who advises Trump camp telling me half of Trump's Hispanic advisory board is ready to resign today (15 of 30)."

Sources: CNN via YouTube, Morning Joe/Twitter, Leslie Sanchez/Twitter / Photo credit: CNN via YouTube

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