Pro-Trump Group Airs Ad Attacking James Comey (Video)


A pro-President DonaldTrump group, the Great America Alliance, released an ad attacking former FBI Director James Comey on June 6, two days before Comey gave his testimony regarding the Trump-Russia investigation during a hearing hosted by the Senate Oversight Committee (video below).

According to ABC News, the ad was scheduled to be aired during the hearing itself, and more ads are scheduled to be launched.

Great America Alliance co-chair Eric Beach told ABC News: "Comey was political, and he was serving a political purpose rather than doing his job as FBI Director."

According to Beach, Comey's actions during the election campaign caused "a lot of disappointment on both sides."

Beach insisted that the Great America Alliance does not "attack" Comey or "call him a liar," but does think that Comey "has been a distraction" to the Trump administration.

The ad released on June 6 says Comey "put politics over protecting America" because Comey allowed the "dangerous practice" of not using the phrase "radical Islam" in FBI training manuals.

The ad also asserts that Comey "was consumed with election meddling" in 2016 while "terror attacks were on the rise" in the world.

The ad also accused Comey of being a "D.C. insider" who is "only in it for himself."

According to ABC News, the Great America Alliance’s campaign wants to shift people's attention away from Trump's political scandal to "positives that have come out of this administration in the first 150 days."

Mother Jones reports that the Great America Alliance is co-chaired by Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich, but the funding of the organization is hidden from public view.

Great America Alliance was originally created in 2013 under the name American Dream Initiative (ADI) to oppose a Republican candidate who was seeking to be the Texas attorney general.

Open Secrets noted in May that ADI received $350,000 from the Wellspring Committee and $250,000 from the Judicial Crisis Network.

According to Right Wing Watch, Ann Corkery helped start the Judicial Crisis Network (originally the Judicial Confirmation Network), and is the Wellspring Committee's president. Ann's husband, Neil Corkery, serves as the treasurer of the Judicial Crisis Network.

Neil is also the treasurer of The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), noted Open Secrets in 2016.

Matthew Whitaker, executive director of FACT, supported Trump's firing of Comey in an op-ed for The Hill in May 2017:

I have mixed feelings over the dismissal of James Comey as FBI director. We served together at the Department of Justice and I’ve known him for many years.

He served his country honorably for those years, but he also became so embroiled in the heated politics of the 2016 election and its aftermath that change was needed. President Trump made the right decision...

His dismissal hopefully heralds a fresh slate for the FBI and the Department of Justice. Thus the reaction from congressional Democrats, and even some quarters in the national media, have bordered on the absurd.

Sources: ABC News, Mother Jones, Open Secrets (2), The Hill, Right Wing Watch / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

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