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Pro-Lifers Plan Gruesome Protest Over Obama Visit to Notre Dame

'Blood Covered' Abortion Protests at Notre Dame: Pro-Lifers to Deliver
'Blood Covered' Dolls in Baby Carriages to Fr. Jenkins' Office While
Notre Dame Trustees Meet

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- In response to Notre Dame's controversial commencement speech invitation to President Barack Obama, Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue, said his group plans to protest on the South Bend campus Friday, May 1, while Notre Dame Board of Fellows and Board of Trustees meet.

At least one dozen pro-life activists will push baby carriages
holding dolls covered with stage blood to Father Jenkins' office during
the lunch hour. In addition, life size images of 12-week unborn babies will be strategically placed at various locations on Notre Dame's campus.

"Yes, this is gruesome," says Terry, who is organizing the protest after creating a site called "Yes, it is shocking and offensive. That is
the point. Father Jenkins has betrayed the babies that are even now
dying under President Obama's orders; he should have the guts to come
face-to-face with a small reminder of what his betrayal looks like in
reality, not in some fantasy academic dialogue. We will have a specific message for the ND Board as well."

In other news, on Wednesday, April 29, Mr. Terry asked South Bend Bp. D'Arcy to host a reparations mass on May 17,
and to hold an "alternate commencement" for any seniors who wish to
follow Bishop D'Arcy's example of boycotting the commencement if the
President speaks. In addition, Mr. Terry asked Bp. D'Arcy to threaten
to revoke Notre Dame's standing as a "Catholic College" if they do not cancel President Obama.


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