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Pro Lifer Randall Terry Disrupts Howard Dean Meeting

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Former Democrat presidential candidate, party chair, and Planned Parenthood board member Howard Dean spoke at a Reston, VA, town hall meeting with Congressman James Moran on August 25.

Pro-life activist Randall Terry was also there.

Before the event, Terry staged stabbings of preborns and grandma outside...

Terry went on to disrupt the event, as previously promised. This clip is a tad long at 7:12, but the entire thing is raucous and interesting. For those wanting to fast forward, Terry is first seen at 2:05. Moran mentions Terry from the mic twice, at 3:22 and 4:03....

Gotta say that although I don't like some of Terry's antics, he does serve a purpose of increasing the tension about abortion, as evidenced particularly in the bottom clip.


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