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Pro-Life Group Wants Graphic Images of Aborted Babies in Media (Video)

The pro-life group "Live Action" held their "March on the Media" rally outside ABC News in Washington D.C. today to complain about the lack of graphic abortion pictures in the mainstream media.

Pro-life activist Jill Stanek told the rally how upset she was because the media would not broadcast graphic images of dead aborted babies, but would show brutal images of the Vietnam War, Oklahoma City bombing and murders by the Taliban, noted

"You'll never see pictorial evidence of abortion in the mainstream media. You'll see the mainstream media put up pictures of napalmed naked little girls running naked in the street during the height of the Vietnam War," said Stanek (video below).

"And you'll see the mainstream media post on covers of magazines, pictures of a fire fighter holding a dead little child after the Oklahoma City Bombing. And you'll see pictures on magazines of the noseless face of a woman who had been victimized by the Taliban, but the mainstream media won't show the reality of abortion because it betrays the pro-abortion agenda."

However, it is often pro-life conservatives who complain about graphic images, which do not include blood or death, being broadcast on television. Even a gay kiss between two clothed actors on the soap opera "As The World Turns" infuriated conservatives, noted Advertising Age.

Source: and Advertising Age


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