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Pro-Life Elementary School Student Harassed for T-Shirt

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Jack Yoestat Reasoned Audacity wrote yesterday about Americans United for Life's work to protect the freedom of conscience of health care providers as well as "school-age children."

AUL is headed by wife Charmaine. Charmaine and Jack have combined chromosomes to produce 1 very cool and spunky pro-life kid, affectionately known as The Diva.

Yoest posted a video I hadn't seen, although I'd read the story, of their "union-backed local elementary school" administration's attempt to censor The Diva for wearing a pro-life t-shirt on American Life League's Pro-Life T-Shirt Day last year. Here is her first-person account:

I particularly loved The Diva's answer to, "What would you tell a kindergartner who saw your t-shirt?"


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