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Pro-Life Activist Lila Rose Calls for 'Complete End of Abortion' (Video)

During a rally in Germantown, Maryland, last week, pro-life activist Lila Rose called for “the complete end of abortion” (video below).

Rose did not say whether or not she would support abortion in cases of the mother's life being in danger, rape or incest.

She did compare the anti-abortion movement to the abolitionist, civil rights, womens and anti-child labor movements, noted

Rose also claimed that "we've overcome" the "civil rights abuses in the 20th century," which still continue today. Rose did not mention the conservatives who opposed civil rights laws in the 1960s.

"Who says we can’t have an America completely free, with the complete end of abortion? We can have that America. We overcame many things in our history," said Rose.

"We’ve overcome many things, from slavery to civil rights abuses in the 20th century to child labor. We’ve overcome many things, even the Revolutionary War to have our independence won. We’ve overcome many things in this country."

"The women’s rights movement for suffrage. And we can overcome, to defeat the hopelessness and the lies and the despair that says that we need abortion somehow. And it’s happening."



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