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Pro-Immigration Group Says 'Superman is an Immigrant'

The pro-immigration group "Define American" has a Tumblr page entitled "We Are the American Way," which recently posted a feature called "Superman Is An Immigrant."

The page references the newly released Superman film in its sub-title: "Superman is an American. Like Superman, we are the American way."

The website also states: "Superman is an immigrant. Born on Krypton, he came to this country with the promise of Hope — the symbol he bears on his chest. Many of our families also have a history of immigration. We share Superman’s hope and we continue his fight for truth, justice and the American Way."

The Tumblr page features pictures of people, who have immigrated to the United States or have ancestors that did, holding up signs about their stories, which include hand-drawn images of the iconic "S" symbol of Superman.

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