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Pro-Gay Log Cabin Republicans use Dead Body of U.S Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Anti-Obama Ad

The Broward Log Cabin Republican Club of Florida recently published a controversial anti-Obama attack ad in the Florida Agenda, which includes a picture of slain U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was killed in Benghazi, Libya last month.

The ad claims that President Obama will not protect "gay/gay-friendly American citizens from the terror of radical Islam." The ad then implies that President Obama will not protect Americans from Sharia Law.  Finally, the ad calls for supporting Israel, reports

While the picture may look like Ambassador Stevens was being drug through the streets by his attackers, the crowd was actually taking him to a hospital.  The ad also suggests that Ambassador Stevens was gay, which was a rumor spread by Kevin DuJan, a gay Republican who writes for the right wing blog, reports

The Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans called the ad “fallacious, simple minded and irresponsible.”

The National Stonewall Democrats said in a statement: "The Log Cabin Republicans of Florida have cravenly disrespected the life and legacy of a United States civil servant with this ad. Put bluntly, they have crossed the line of civil discourse and good taste by including an image of the corpse of slain US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens being carried through the streets of Benghazi, Libya."

The ad is from

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