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Pro-Aborts' "Stupid" Drive to Keep Seniors' Abortion Coverage

Someone should tell the folks writing NARAL's petitions that marijuana isn't legal (yet). They actually have posted a petition - and almost 32,000 people have signed it - which reads in part:

"Anti-choice extremists at the Family Research Council are launching an outrageous media and lobbying campaign claiming that Congress' health-care reform bills will deny seniors the medical care they need in order to pay for abortion."

Yes, you read that correctly - NARAL is worried that seniors might lose their medical coverage for abortion.

I'm very sure that Family Research Council is not worried that seniors will be paying for their own abortions. Seniors paying for abortions out of their medical coverage, after all, does not seem to be a very large demographic.

FRC has been airing very powerful ads showing that abortion coverage and rationing of care for the elderly are both major (separate) problems in the current health care reform plans. But apparently NARAL's media division really thinks FRC could be so stupid as to think that senior citizens are paying to have their pregnancies aborted.

And NARAL is happy to launch petitions referencing this as a real issue!

Often in the debate over abortion, the pro-life movement is caricatured as "unscientific".

Well, maybe we can begin to make the charge that the pro-abortion movement is illiterate and biased.


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