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Virginia Selling Pro-Abortion "Choose Choice" License Plates

The Associated Press reported February 8 about a dispute in the VA legislature over the approval of a pro-abort specialty license plate to counter a pro-life plate.

Pro-life politicians are concerned proceeds would go to VA's 8 Planned Parenthoods.

I say, let it happen. If pro-aborts are willing to pay an extra $15 for their specialty plate, let their $ be forwarded to PP. Pro-life proceeds are currently forwarded to pro-life efforts. Fair's fair. It isn't taxpayer funding.

Pro-abort strategy until now has been to try to obstruct pro-life specialty plates. But with our sales are out of hand, and several courts upholding their constitutionality, the other side has decided they can't beat us and must join us.

To date 23 states have approved pro-life plates, and over half a million are on US roads.

The reason, of course, pro-aborts preferred to fight rather than join was because they didn't want to compete. They were correctly afraid pro-life plate buyers would drive circles around pro-death plate buyers. Here are a couple laugh lines from the AP story:

Those on the other side of the debate have yet to mount a coordinated response.

Even in states where the plate is offered, it hasn't sold well, though at least 400 people have signed up to buy the pro-choice plates in VA.

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Hawaii was first with a "Respect Choice" decal for plates in 2003, but lack of interest is threatening to halt its availability.

A "Pro-family, Pro-choice" plate is available in MT, and PA has a Planned Parenthood labeled plate. However, only 22 of those are active.

Here was another laugh line:

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Kent Willis, executive director of the ACLU of VA, said... "If the opposite were occurring - a pro-choice plate having passed and an anti-choice plate being considered - we would make the same legal argument in favor of the anti-choice plate," he said.

Sure, Kent.

NRO's The Corner caught a slight omission in the AP story:

Amusingly, the AP story describes the problem follows: "VA's proposed plate would generate money for the state's 8 PP health centers, which provide free pregnancy tests, contraception, gynecological exams, cancer screenings and other services for about 30k people each year." "Other services," huh? Like what? Tax planning? Auto repairs?


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