Prisoner Keith Judd Does Well Against Pres. Obama in West Virginia Primary

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In the West Virginia Democratic primary, Keith Judd, who is incarcerated in Texas, got 41% of the vote to President Obama's 59%, on Tuesday night.

Judd paid a $2,500 filing fee to get on the ballot. Oddly, West Virginian voters had no idea who they were voting for, according to the The Associated Press.

Voter Ronnie Brown explained his voting logic: "I voted against Obama. I don't like him. He didn't carry the state before and I'm not going to let him carry it again."

Brown's candidate, Judd, is locked up for making threats at the University of New Mexico, reports the NY Daily News.

Judd can have one West Virginia delegate at the Democratic National Convention, later this year, because he got more than 15% of the vote.


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