Prince Harry Deployed to Afghanistan

Prince Harry has been deployed to Afghanistan for four months, reports CNN. The prince made headlines last month after partying nude in Las Vegas.

He will be stationed, in clothing, at Camp Bastion with the 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps. 

Prince Harry briefly served in Afghanistan back in 2008, but was withdrawn after just 10 weeks because of security concerns.

His squadron will assist the International Security Assistance Force and Afghan forces in the region.

Capt. Jock Gordon, Commander of the Joint Aviation Group, said: "Working together with his colleagues in the squadron, he will be in a difficult and demanding job, and I ask that he be left to get on with his duties and allowed to focus on delivering support to the coalition troops on the ground."

According to a inside source at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry was asking to be redeployed as soon as possible, following his Vegas scandal.


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