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Prime Minister Faces Backlash Over 'Revealing' Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Instagram/trendimag

Photo Credit: Instagram/trendimag

Social media users have offered their support for Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin after she was slammed for wearing a plunging neckline for a magazine spread.

The 34-year-old posed for Trendi, Finland’s leading fashion magazine, and was slammed on Instagram for wearing clothing "inappropriate" for a person in her position.

The cover read: "Prime Minister Sanna Marin has a leading position as an example, a role model, a change of things and an influencer."

In her interview, Marin talked of the "pressure" and "exhaustion" she went through in a tumultuous year, stating, "this is not an ordinary job or a normal life but heavy in many ways."

"It may be that pressure and exhaustion accumulate and come later. In situations, it has been necessary to put emotions aside, but they do accumulate," she added.


Shortly after the criticism, people rallied behind Marin, posting messages with the hashtag #imwithsanna, with some also sharing images of themselves dressed in outfits similar to Marin’s.

Others also used the backlash to call out instances of male politicians posing in revealing outfits.

Photos of previous Finnish leaders, including President Urho Kekkonen and Carl Gustaf Mannerheim were posted to showcase the double standards.

Mannerheim posed "buff" and shirtless while riding a horse bareback, while in the 70s, Kekkonen posed in an unconventional outfit with several disrobed men in a sauna present in the photo.

"Kekkonen has been quite a hipster," one person tweeted, with Kekkonen and Marin's portraits pictured side-by-side.

"Great picture of our prime minister. Remember that women will dress in sacks in the future, especially in magazine photos, so that your competence or reliability is not called into question due to external factors," one person commented on the magazine post.


"Quite awesome that people support each other!" another person wrote.

Anu Koivunen, Professor of Gender Studies at Tampere University, told YLE that Marin's image was another tool "that people have used to criticize or support Sanna Marin as a politician or as a person. These politicians know very well what kind of discussions they are starting. They are very media savvy and this social media storm [over Marin's outfit] did not come as a surprise."

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