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Preview of 2nd Debate Between President Obama and Mitt Romney

Tonight's second debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney will be a town hall-style debate with questions asked by voters. The debate will take place at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York.

Mitt Romney won the first debate, by almost all accounts, but President Obama has promised to be more aggressive this time.

According to a Pew Research Center poll, 41 percent of Americans think Pres. Obama will do better, compared with 37 percent for Romney. Before the first debate, Pew found that people expected Obama to win, 51 percent to 29 percent.

The big controversy seems to be debate moderator Candy Crowley, who was told by the Commission on Presidential Debates not to reinterpret audience members' questions. However, Crowley has indicated on multiple occasions that she may press candidates and play an active role.

Crowley's CNN co-workers recently appeared on video to give Crowley advice:

When it comes to predictions, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Tuesday: "I think that, because it was so bad for [Pres. Obama] in the first debate, I don’t think the bar is honestly that high for him. I think he’s actually going to get good reviews from his pals in the media if he does a decent job in the debate tonight."


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