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Ivanka Trump Advises Father Before Speech To Congress

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Ivanka Trump reportedly spoke to her father, President Donald Trump, prior to his speech to Congress and asked him to adopt a more "optimistic tone" than in his previous speeches.

The speech was met with surprise from people on both sides of the aisle for its more measured and less combative tone and approach. The Independent reported that the president was advised by his daughter to come off softer than he had in previous speeches and press conferences.

"He had a lot of voices around him giving him ideas and suggestions that he incorporated, but he really set out to achieve that optimistic tone and that was something [Ivanka] was supportive of. She encouraged him to do that," an unnamed White House official said, The Independent reported.

"Her fingerprints are visible on the tone, but especially on those parts of it like maternity leave that matter to her."

Particularly, Ivanka pushed her father to include portions in his speech about women's health, paid family leave and a clean environment.

"The speech was all [Stephen] Miller, but Ivanka worked hard on it with him on many of the parts, especially affirming that the president's desire to have an uplifting and aspirational speech was right," an official told Axios, The Hill reported.

Despite taking on a softer tone in the speech, many criticized Trump's hypocrisy on certain issues he spoke highly of.

"He says he's for clean water hours after signing an order undoing the clean water rule. And people ask why everyone didn't hop up and down and applaud his platitudes," one reader commented on The Hill's report.

Others refused to believe that there was any real sincerity to the optimism presented in the speech.

"It was an inept speech and had no substance. Ivanka is nothing more than a con artist and for years have helped her father, the profoundly ignorant president, to con people out out of their life savings. She couldn't care less about women's issues," one reader commented. 

"She just wants the publicity to promote her business interests. We need to rid ourselves of this entire disgraceful and shameful family who are an embarrassment to our country and to the world."

"The speech was just a marketing stunt for Trump Inc, which has acted in ways that directly contradict the tone and message of the words he used. People are naive to trust the packaging when the low quality of the product inside is self-evident," another added. 

Sources: The Independent, The Hill / Photo credit: Marc Nozell via Wikimedia Commons

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