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Vets Outraged After Trump Wears Military Garb (Photo)

President Donald Trump sparked controversy on March 3 by wearing a flight jacket and admiral's cap that said "USS Gerald R. Ford" on it.

Trump was touring the aircraft carrier, named after the 38th president, when he donned the gear after the crew gave it to him as a gift, notes USA Today.

"They said, 'Here Mr. President, take this home," Trump told a crowd of sailors aboard the carrier at the event, according to USA Today. "'I said, 'Let me wear it. And then they gave me the beautiful hat, and I said, 'You know? Maybe I'll do that.'"

The personalized hat had "POTUS 45" stitched into the back.

"We have a great 'Make America Great Again' hat, but I said, 'This is a special day, we're wearing this," the president added.

But Trump's choice to wear the clothing did not go over well with some veterans on Twitter.

"My skin crawls watching this man wear the uniform of my service," one person wrote in a Twitter post. "This is disgraceful."

Many of those who have served in the military took issue with the apparel due to allegations that Trump actively avoided serving during the Vietnam War.

"As a Veteran watching a 5 time draft dodging COWARD saluting a Marine guard is the epitome of HYPOCRISY," another person wrote. "Impeach this cowardly bastard NOW!!!"

Others took Trump's side and pointed out that the current president was not the only one to wear military garb after dodging the draft -- former President Bill Clinton did it, too.

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At the Eastern Virginia Event, Trump highlighted his intentions to significantly increase the military budget and said that the soon-to-be-commissioned ship represented "a great rebuilding of our military might," according to USA Today.

"It is a monument to American might that will provide the strength necessary to ensure peace," he added. "Hopefully, it's power we don't have to use. But if we do, they're in big, big trouble."

The president has proposed raising defense spending by $54 billion within a year, which would be accompanied by cuts in the budget for domestic programs.

The USS Gerald R. Ford is intended to be the first of a dozen "supercarriers" to replace the 10 existing older ones. Trump said that he would save money on long-term defense plans by getting "the same boat for less money."

"Got to get a good deal," he added. "If we don't make a good deal, we're not doing our job."

Sources: USA Today via Detroit Free Press (2), Twitter (2) / Photo credit: Donald J. Trump/Twitter, Twitter

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