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President Obama's Half-Brother Sells Revealing Handwritten Letter From 1995 (Photos)

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President Obama’s half-brother reportedly sold a handwritten letter written 20 years ago, revealing his early political intentions prior to running for the Illinois State Senate.

The letter, sold by Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama, began with a greeting from brother to brother before delving into the future president’s political aspirations.

“Hey there, brother! How are you faring these days, ” Obama wrote. “I received your postcard, along with the news that you've found a new wife. Man, I must say you don't fool around! Please write and tell me more about her. A photo would also be nice, although I have no doubt that she is beautiful.”

The letter then detailed the early beginnings of President Obama’s political career.

“Some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois State Senate (like being an MP for a province),” he wrote in the 1995 letter. “I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some serious ­issues blacks face here.”

Obama’s distaste for campaigning and meetings was also on display in the revealing letter.

“Of course, it involves a lot of campaigning, going to meetings and so on, which I don’t find so attractive,” he wrote. “Anyway, if I win it will only be a part-time post, and I will ­continue my work as a lawyer.”

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The letter also gave insight into the health of the president’s late mother, who passed away later that year.

“My mom’s health has been stabilized for now, but she is by no means cured and continues to undergo extensive treatment,” the letter read.

The letter was sold to a collector, though the amount paid for it was not disclosed. The brothers, who have the same father, had a close relationship for many years.

“'I see my brother privately at least once a year, when I go to visit him in the White House and say hello,” he said in 2013. “It’s like visiting a working national monument, such as the Smithsonian or Buckingham Palace.”

Recently, however, Malik criticized his brother for not being “an honest man” in regard to “who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

Sources: Page Six, Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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