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President Obama's Approval Rating Rises Again

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According to a Gallup poll released Tuesday, President Obama’s quarterly approval rating is at its highest since mid-2013.

In the 25th quarter of his presidency, Obama saw a jump of 3 percentage points since last quarter to 46.4 percent. The jump is reportedly the second highest percentage jump in his presidential history, bested only by a jump of 4 points following his re-election.

Though President Obama’s approval rating is still significantly lower than the 63 percent rating he had following his inauguration in 2009, it remains an improvement on his notably low ratings in 2014. Most of the credit for the higher rating can, according to Gallup, be given to the recent economic improvements nationwide.

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“Although Americans' economic confidence has dipped a little since peaking in early February, it remains better than it has been in the last several years, most likely because gas prices remain low in an absolute sense and the job market has improved considerably,” the poll stated. “Obama's improved ratings in his 25th quarter may also have been helped by international agreements the U.S. helped broker to address the conflict in Ukraine and Iran's nuclear program. Obama has also re-established formal diplomatic relations with Cuba as one of several steps meant to set a new course in U.S.-Cuba relations.”

According to Gallup, Obama 25th quarter job approval “ranks third among the five post-World War II presidents elected to two terms -- well behind those of Dwight Eisenhower and Bill Clinton, similar to Ronald Reagan's, but much better than that of George W. Bush.”

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Sources: Huffington Post, Gallup

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