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President Obama's Approval Rating Climbs To Two Year High Following Historic Week

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President Obama’s approval rating climbed to a two-year high of 50 percent, according to a CNN/ORC poll.

The poll, released Tuesday, found 50 percent of those polled approving of the President’s job and 47 percent disapproving — the best CNN/ORC marks for Obama since May of 2013. Among African Americans, 91 percent of those polled approved of his job performance.

The results came following two Supreme Court victories — one that upheld government subsidies in Obamacare and one legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide — and Obama’s highly-praised response to the mass shooting at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, on June 17 that included his eulogy for one of the nine people killed in the shooting, Rev. and state Sen. Clementa Pinckney of South Carolina. 

A majority of those polled approved of President Obama’s handling of race relations in the wake of several police-related murders of African-American men and the racially-motivated shooting in Charleston. Fifty-five percent approved of his handling, while 42 percent disapproved.

Obama’s ratings in regard to the economy also saw a significant increase, with 52 percent of respondents approving — the highest since 2009.

Sources: CNN, Politico

Photo Credit:, Nick Knupffer/Flickr


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