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President Obama Will Seek Authorization To Use Force Against ISIS

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According to reports, President Obama and the White House will seek authorization to use force against ISIS.

Since the President launched an air campaign against ISIS in August, one that is part of an international effort to defeat them, the terrorist group has killed thousands and taken over parts of Syria and Iraq. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi said last week that the Obama administration would seek authorization that would last three years, though she claimed no decisions had been made about the scope and limitations of the authorization. This would be the first time that the administration would seek formal authorization to use military force against the extremist group.

The issue of whether or not to put “boots on the ground” in the fight against ISIS has been a major divider amongst Democrats and Republicans ever since the group first took prominence. Most Democrats have opposed the use of combat forces, while Republicans have “insisted it would be inappropriate to limit military commanders,” according to Reuters.

Republican Senator Bob Corker told reporters that the Obama administration has been meeting with lawmakers prior to making the formal request. “There have been serious consultations, and there will be more serious consultations,” he said.

The administration is expected to submit their request by Wednesday.

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