President Obama Setting Up Secret Race Database


According to reports, the Obama Administration is collecting large amounts of personal data on American citizens by race to use for the purpose of “racial and economic justice.”

The data reportedly includes information that would highlight inequality and disparities between minorities and white Americans in regard to healthcare, financial lending and education. A piece for the New York Post, written by Paul Sperry, details the specifics of the various databases that will be created from the information, including a housing database that will map every neighborhood in the country by four racial groups — white, black/African-American, Asian and Hispanic/Latino. 

The goal of the database, according to Sperry’s report, is to identify racial imbalances.

Other databases that will be created from the information obtained by the Obama Administration reportedly include a mortgage database, which will examine lending data taken from banks and organize it by race. The Federal Housing Finance Agency is building this database, called the National Mortgage Database Project.

The various databases would be completed by early 2017, according to reports, and the information would then be available online.

Sources: New York Post, Newsmax / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons


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