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President Obama Says He'd 'Love' To See Amendment That Reverses Citizens United


In an interview with Vox published Monday, President Obama said he wants to reverse the controversial Citizens United decision.

“I would love to see some constitutional process that would allow us to actually regulate campaign spending the way we used to, and maybe even improve it,” Obama said. The comment came within a longer response to a question about political polarization.

The controversial ruling came down in 2010, allowing for unlimited corporate funding in campaign elections. President Obama condemned the ruling just days after it came down, saying that it would allow “special interests — including foreign corporations — to spend without limit in our elections.”

California Rep. Jerry McNerney will introduce a proposal later this week that would amend the constitution in order to “ban contributions from political action committees.”

“The system was pretty bad before,” McNerney said. “Citizens United just made it worse. It changed from an arms race to a nuclear-arms race.”

Despite support for an amendment that would reverse Citizens United, and the fact that 16 states have called for an amendment to overturn the ruling, efforts to restrict campaign finance have so far failed in Congress.

Sources: USA Today On Politics, Vox

Photo Credit: Flickr


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