President Obama is right, the time is now for a two state solution to Israel and Palestinian


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President Obama has stated his strong support for a Palestinian state. The new nation state will have its' borders based on the boundaries previous to the 1967 war where Israel acquired the West Bank region, which is of course the scene of so much violence and conflict. (There would be land swapping between the two regions because of pre-existing settlements.) I say, good. The people in Israel have the right to self determination, but so do the people in the West Bank. While there are violent individuals among Muslim Palestinians, there are also violent Israelis, who are most likely to be orthodox to ultra-orthodox settlers. These settlers come to the West Bank region because of a religious vision that the land was granted to them by their detiy. The Christian right-wing supports these settlers because they believe it will help bring about the so called Second Coming of their prophet-god Jesus.

Frankly, I don't want American tax dollars and support wasted on fulfilling the zealots of two different religions. I don't share any of their religious beliefs and I don't believe any land was given to anyone by any deity. I want peace and the ability of groups to run their own nation state. Palestinians have just as much right to do so as their Israeli neighbors. Men such as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas need to be supported by the U.S., because if we don't, than those who come into power in that region are from the fanatical Hamas group who do not believe that Israel should exist. It is costing untold treasure and blood for Israel to defend these settlements. It is causing huge conflict and hostility between Israelis and their Muslim neighbors to live under the current political situation.

President Obama is of course being attacked by the right-wing who believe that U.S. foreign policy should be an army of the Likud party (the main conservative party) in Israel. No. No president is obligated to support the right-wing in Israel. Heck, if I was an Israeli I sure wouldn't be voting and supporting them. Finally we might make some progress in ending this conflict.


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