President Obama Flies Personal Barber to D.C. Every Two Weeks

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President Barack Obama flies a Chicago, Illinois hairstylist identified only as Zariff, to the White House every 10 to 14 days.

The German Public Radio reports that that Zariff has been Obama’s go-to hairstylist going back nearly two decades, even before the president was an Illinois State Senator.

Zariff told the Daily Mail: “We make sure that he looks his best at all time. I get there. I keep his hair well groomed. 'It's not important how I get there and when.”

“He pays $21 like everyone else. We don't care about how famous you are or who you are. Everyone gets the same price.”

The bi-weekly flights between Washington, D.C. and Chicago could have accumulated to as much as $23,000 of taxpayer money since President Obama entered office over three years ago, reports the Examiner.


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