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President Obama To Congress On Immigration: 'Pass A Bill'

President Barack Obama is not afraid of his Republican critics. He believes the burden is on Congress to legislate a solution on our broken immigration system.

When asked about Speaker of the House John Boehner asserting that he is acting like an emperor, Obama said “the primary response that I have to Speaker Boehner and others is go ahead and pass legislation."

“Congress has a responsibility to deal with these issues and there are some things that I can't do on my own," he added.

Last Thursday, Obama announced his plan to help nearly 4.4 million Americans to come out of the shadows and remain in the country temporarily without the fear of deportation.

This executive order has created widespread turmoil throughout the Republican Party, the leaders of which have threatened the President to stop acting unilaterally.

Obama's response to them: “they don’t need me to act. In fact, I encourage them to act.”

The President acknowledged that any bill passed by Congress would nullify his executive order.

Yet, the House of Representatives has refused to act on the issue of immigration reform. They would not even call a hearing regarding the successfully passed 2013 Senate bill on immigration. By not acting, the Republicans are still politicizing the issue.

The President believes things like this are why Americans are fed up with Washington.

“But it doesn’t match up to what I think the American people expect," he said. "What the American people expect is that if we disagree on one thing, then we disagree on that thing. And then we work on everything else. One of the habits that we’ve seen in Congress over the last four years since the House Republicans took over, is that everything becomes hostage to one disagreement.”

Instead of using the majority in the House to create a bill favorable to them, the Republicans continue to attack Obama and his actions, using one disagreement to thwart any progress for the country.

Source: Yahoo News / Photo Credit: Associated Press


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