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President Obama condemns GOP candidates for allowing homophobia against soldier

During one of the countless Republican debates there was a video of a gay soldier who asked the Republican presidential candidates if they support a reinstatement of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. A policy which led to the purging of thousands of gay soldiers from the U.S. military. The man, who looked like he might have been a senior NCO such as a First Sergeant or Sergeant Major, was booed. Yes, booed. A man who has served his country for decades was booed by those in the crowd who hate anything that is gay. Well, President Obama condemned the Republican Presidential Candidates for their silence on this matter.

Obama is spot on. These are men and women who want to serve our nation, in a time of war and peace. They believe in America. They believe in protecting the values of America. It has cost millions of dollars to train some of them, such as fighter pilots. Many are from the top of their service academies. It was about time to end a policy that existed because let's face it, some Americans still hate gays. Not just homosexuality, which they do of course, but gays. This is often denied by those who just say it is about opposition to homosexuality but observation by those who are opposed to gay rights, shows that this is usually is not true.


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