President Obama: Augusta Golf Club Should Drop Men Only Membership Policy


The Masters has brought unwanted public scrutiny down on the Augusta National Golf Club. With many already questioning the elite Country Club’s men only policy, President Obama today weighed in.

When asked about the issue, White House spokesman Jay Carney said in unequivocal terms that President Obama believes the Augusta National Golf Course should lift its ban on female membership, adding that the statement reflected Obama’s “personal opinion.”

Obama, an avid golfer himself, apparently made his own statement directly to Carney and Carney was just relaying it to the press.

Augusta’s membership roles and membership process are closely guarded secrets of the club, but it is suspected that they have around 300 members. Computing giant IBM is one of the club’s oldest sponsors, and it has been widely rumored that the company’s new female CEO, Ginni Rometty, will be the first female member admitted to Augusta.

Bill Payne, the national chairmen of Augusta, refused to comment on the club’s membership policy, though he acknowledged that the last four CEOs of IBM had all been invited to join. See his most recent remarks below:


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