President Mahmoud Abbas Denounces Shooting of Noam Glick, Age 9

For a terrorist, one of the worst possible things that could happen is peace talks. Terrorism is a tactic, often used by a “little army” against a “big army,” and many experts believe there is no difference between terrorists and other soldiers save for one of strategy. Yet, any time civilians are targeted by either the military or militants, it shows that the anger extends beyond the political leaders’ ideologies and to a hate towards the entire people. Such is the dilemma facing the Palestinian side of the newly-invigorated Israeli-Palestine peace process.

Peace talks between the two groups continued on Monday, despite the uptick in terrorist attacks against Israelis that has occurred since talks began. Talks are proceeding slowly, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced that a cornerstone of achieving peace would be for Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State.  

Part of his increased rhetoric might stem from the recent shooting of a 9 year-old girl playing in her backyard by a Palestinian who had broken into the settlement. This has led to an increased effort by the Israeli Defense Force to locate the shooter and crack down on other such attacks. The girl, identified as Noam Glick, is recovering at a hospital in Jerusalem.

President Abbas condemned the attack to a group of members of the Israeli parliament, saying “We oppose, on principle, aggression against anyone and the spilling of blood.”  He also denounced the recent military incursions, insisting that the Palestinian Authority should be responsible for bringing the shooter to justice.

However, Netanyahu does not believe that they are truly motivated to do so. He said in a cabinet meeting, “As long as the incitement continues in the Palestinian official media, the Palestinian Authority cannot absolve itself of responsibility.” Peace talks will continue, however.


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