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President Barack Obama's Administration Is The Most Diverse In History

An analysis compiled by University of California at Berkley law school professor Anne Joseph O'Connell and published by The Washington Post has shown that President Barack Obama has the most diverse administration in history.

In Obama's administration, minorities and women hold a majority of the top policy positions within the executive branch - marking the first time in history that such a demographically diverse administration has ever been the case.

O'Connell researched more than 80 policy positions that require Senate confirmation, and found that President Obama has put minorities and women in 53.5 percent of those spots. That's a marked increase from Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, who placed women and minorities in just 25.6 percent of those spots. 

Under George W. Bush, the percent of women and minorities in top policy positions had actually decreased, as Bill Clinton's administration saw 37.5 percent of the positions held by women and minorities.

And just last week, on Friday, September 18, President Obama announced plans to nominate Eric Fanning to lead the United States Army. If Fanning's nomination is confirmed, he would be the first openly gay Army secretary in American history. This comes just four short years after the United States has ended its prohibition on homosexual men and women serving openly in the military.

The Obama administration has also been considering ending the ban on transgender service members as of late, a move which Fanning has said he fully supports.

Additionally, President Obama has shaken up the composition of the federal judiciary, and will exit the White House with record-breaking levels of diversity on the federal judicial bench. President Obama has nominated more female judges than any other president in history. What's more, he has put more African-American judges in place than every other president combined.

President Obama's progressive changes to the make up of the federal workforce could well end up being one of his best lasting legacies.

Sources: Huffington Post, The Washington Post

Photo credit: Blue Nation Review


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