Potential Paul Ryan Challenger Amardeep Kaleka is Conspiracy Documentary Filmmaker


With now three Colorado lawmakers facing the possibility of recall elections for their support of gun control, one might suggest that making that issue a policy platform for a 2014 Congressional run was not a wise move. It is probably even more difficult to do in a district that is currently held by Republican political star and former Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Yet, that is exactly what Amardeep Kaleka, the son of the founder of the Oak Creek Sikh Temple that was attacked by a lone shooter in August of 2012, hopes to do. Kaleka’s father was killed in the attack, and he has since become an outspoken advocate of gun control.

According to The Cap Times, an admittedly liberal publication, Kaleka is running “an unconventional campaign” which calls for more transparency in Congress—even suggesting that each Representative submit legislation they propose to an online district-specific poll that would “allow people to see how often a member’s votes align with the opinions of his or her constituents.” Although, this information is often available from other sources, it is a bit difficult to mine through for the non-journalist or policy-wonk.

However, most interesting about his campaign is that it is based in Los Angeles, because that is where Kaleka spends a significant amount of time as a filmmaker. His documentary Sirius states that thousands of extra-terrestrials have visited Earth and the world governments are keeping their energy innovations secret in order to maximize the “power of a centralized petro-dollar, oil/gas/coal system.” The film even suggests that the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 were a “false flag” event.

Kaleka compares his beliefs to Stephen Spielberg’s and tells The Cap Times, “My job is to push the envelope, that might scare you a little, but it’s not our job as legislators to push bills that scare the bejeezus out of the middle class.” Rep. Ryan handily won his district last time, so while Kaleka’s chances of even getting his party’s nomination are slim. He may just make the campaign season a little more interesting to watch.


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