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Have the Terrorists Won? Cops Blow Up Box of Cash

First, an abandoned lunch cooler forces the shutdown of Times Square in New York City. Now, cops blow up a suspicious-looking package left at a Florida church. Turns out it contained thousands of dollars in donations.

A church member found a cardboard box at a church in Orlando Saturday morning with a note that simply said "For Pastor Nick." The man thought the 40-pound bundle looked suspicious, so he drove it over to a nearby fire station.

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office bomb squad rushed over. Officers X-rayed the box, but they couldn't figure out what was inside.

"It didn't look normal," sheriff's spokeswoman Kim Cannaday said. "That's all we knew."

So, they blew it up.

Bad idea, because there was more than $2,500 in cash in the box. Obviously, it was all destroyed. But 498 rolled silver dollars survived the blast.

The good news is that the church won't be out any money. Cannaday said the U.S. Treasury will replace the damaged cash.


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