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Pope Francis Hits The Nail On The Head, Highlights Problem With Money In Politics

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Pope Francis amazingly summarized the issues with money in politics during an interview with teenagers in Buenos Aires. 

When asked about elections in his home country of Argentina, the Pope criticized political candidates for becoming too tied down to donors who back their campaigns, according to the Huffington Post

"Because many interests come into play in financing of an election campaign and then they ask you to pay back," he said. "So, the election campaign should be independent from anyone who may finance it."

Francis also called for a public finance system in order to create more transparency amongst politicians.

"Perhaps public financing would allow for me, the citizen, to know that I'm financing each candidate with a given amount of money," he said.

Though Pope Francis was speaking about Argentina, U.S. politicians and citizens have praised his remarks and likened it to the political system in the country. Drew Hammil, spokesman for Nancy Pelosi, called the remarks a "call for an end to the contaminating influence of money in our democracy."

"In the financing of electoral campaigns, many interests get into the mix, and then they send you the bill,” he said, according to Crux. “Everything needs to be transparent and clean.”

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