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Pope Francis Declines Dinner With Politicians, Will Dine With Homeless Instead

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Instead of having dinner with U.S. lawmakers, Pope Francis has opted to dine with the homeless after his speech on Sept. 24 on Capitol Hill.

Francis, who has long embraced the homeless and other underserved communities, will reportedly visit the Washington, D.C., headquarters of Catholic Charities, an organization that serves poor and homeless people throughout the nation’s capitol, International Business Times reports.

“The church is where you go on Sunday,” Monsignor John Enzler, CEO of Catholic Charities, told USA Today — adding that Francis wants people to “experience” faith every day. 

The visit is scheduled on the third day of the pope’s visit to the U.S., and is the first papal visit since Catholic Charities’ Washington, D.C., headquarters opened in 1922. 

Francis’ history of helping those in need has been well documented, and has been a major part of his advocacy on social and economic issues. In May, he reportedly welcomed 150 homeless people into the Sistine Chapel for dinner, a tour and prayers. 

Sources: International Business Times, USA Today

Photo credit: Wikipedia


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