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Polls: Mitt Romney will Cruise to Victory in Florida

It looks like Mitt Romney will cruise to an easy victory in Tuesday's Florida Republican presidential primary -- polls show him with a big lead over Newt Gingrich.

As recently as a week ago, the two candidates were pretty much tied in the polls. But Gingrich was lackluster in two debates last week, and Romney has been pounding Gingrich with negative attacks -- attacks which Gingrich calls "lies."

Regardless, whatever Romney is doing is working. A Quinnipiac University poll released on Monday shows Romney with a 43% to 29% lead. 

The Rasmussen Tracking Poll gives Romney an even bigger lead -- 16 points, 44% to 28%.

Florida is a winner-take-all primary -- instead of dividing up the delegates based on the percentage of votes each candidate gets as most states do, the man who comes out on top in the Sunshine State gets all 50 of the state's delegates.


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