Poll: Two-Thirds Of Likely GOP Voters Support Trump's Call To Ban Muslim Immigrants


Though suggesting a single religious group be excluded from immigrating to the United States would amount to political suicide for many candidates, that hasn’t been the case for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. 

In fact, a poll conducted on Dec. 8 found that among likely GOP primary voters, nearly two-thirds said they support Trump's call to ban Muslim immigrants. Over one-third of those respondents said the call makes them feel more compelled to vote for him.

The poll, conducted by Bloomberg Politics/Purple Strategies PulsePoll, found half of all likely voters, regardless of their political affiliation, oppose Trump’s statements on Muslim immigrants, but 37 percent are in favor of such a ban.

“We believe these numbers are made up of some people who are truly expressing religious bigotry and others who are fearful about terrorism and are willing to do anything they think might make us safer,” Doug Usher, who runs polling for Purple Strategies, said in an analysis of the findings, according to Bloomberg.

"This indicates that, despite some conventional wisdom expressed in the last 48 hours, this is unlikely to hurt Trump at least in the primary campaign."

Sources: Bloomberg Politics/Purple Strategies, Bloomberg / Photo credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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