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Poll: Trump Pulls A -51 Favorability Rating Among Hispanics

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has consistently promoted his view that the Hispanic community supports his campaign and agrees with his controversial comments that the Mexican government sends over criminals, rapists and drug dealers. However, a new poll showcases an entirely different picture.

The poll, conducted by Gallup and released on Aug. 24, found that 65 percent of Hispanic voters have an unfavorable view of Trump. Only 14 percent viewed him favorably, granting him a net favorability of -51. The closest candidates to Trump are former Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, both tied with a net favorability of -7.

Since the announcement of his candidacy in June, Trump has continued with offensive comments to the Hispanic community. He has insisted that the Mexican government will pay for a border wall under his presidential administration, that all of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States will be deported and that the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution should be changed to not grant automatic citizenship to children of illegal immigrants who were born in America. Trump has used the term “anchor baby” to label these children, a term that many in the Hispanic community also take offense to.

Other GOP presidential contenders fared much better than Trump, with some received a net positive rating. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who has received criticism for his favorable positions to illegal immigrants, received a net favorable score of +11. In second is Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a Cuban-American who has discussed his family’s ties to the communist nation during his campaign. Rubio’s net favorability ranking was +5, ahead of former New York Governor George Pataki and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, both who received a +3 rating. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Dr. Ben Carson were also in the positives, at +2 each.

On the Democratic side, frontrunner Hillary Clinton easily lead the pack, with a net favorability score of +40. In percentage terms, 58 percent of Hispanic voters like the former U.S. Secretary of State while 18 percent felt otherwise. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders also received positive rankings, at +5.

Sources: Gallup, Politico / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Gage Skidmore


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