Poll Shows Voters Blame Republicans For The Government Shutdown


The majority of American voters blame the government shutdown on Republicans, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday morning.

The national poll found 55 percent of voters believe failure to pass the budget measure is because Republicans are intent on blocking any initiative put for by President Barack Obama. Thirty-three percent blamed the shut down on Obama’s lack of skill.

While 10 percent said it’s Democrats fault that the government shut down, 28 percent blame the GOP.

Of those surveyed, 72 percent said they opposed shutting down the government to block the funding of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Another 64 percent said they opposed blocking an increase in the debt ceiling to avoid default.

The Congressional approval rating for the GOP is the lowest it has ever been, according to Raw Story, with 74 percent disapproval. Democrats have an approval rating of 60 percent.

The head of the Tea Party Express, Amy Kremer, told CNN’s Piers Morgan Monday night that the shutdown is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s fault.

“Harry Reid wants a shutdown because he believes it’s a political victory for the Democrats in 2014,” Kremer said.

She claims the Democatic Senator from Nevada is “acting like a spoiled brat, crossing his arms.”

She insisted that Obamacare was “shoved down our throats.”

Sources: Raw Story


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