Poll Shows A Third Of Americans Think Mass Shootings Are 'Fact Of Life,' Majority Not Optimistic


A new Huffington Post/YouGov poll found that Americans who favor gun control laws remain unconvinced that legislation would make a difference in preventing mass shootings. 

The poll showed that 49 percent of Americans feel that there should be stricter laws that govern handgun sales, while 30 percent believe the current laws should remain as they are. 13 percent said they want looser gun regulations.

Despite these numbers, only 35 percent of those polled said they think tighter gun laws would reduce mass shootings. 39 percent believe that it’s politically possible for such measures to be taken.

Notably, the poll also showed that 35 percent of those polled believe mass shootings are “just a fact of life in America today.” 48 percent said they believe mass shootings can be stopped. 

The poll revealed that 74 percent of Democrats polled support stricter gun control laws, while 43 percent of independents and 27 percent of Republicans agreed. 

The poll comes following the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, where nine people were killed and nine injured. 

Sources: YouGov, Huffington Post / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons 


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