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Poll Says Sarah Palin's Resignation Didn't Hurt Her 2012 Chances

A new poll shows Sarah Palin still popular enough to run for President in 2012, despite her resignation as Governor of Alaska. This flies in the face of the political pundits, who declared her political career dead in the water following last week's announcement.

The USA Today/Gallup poll found 70% of all voters say their opinion of Palin did not change after Friday's shocking announcement. 19% said they are "very likely" to vote for her if she launches a White House bid, and 24% say they are "somewhat likely" to cast their vote for Palin. Republican consultant Alex Castellanos told USA Today:

"For independents and Democrats, she's already not their candidate, and with Republicans, her support is not based on her record as governor of Alaska."

Indeed, 72% of Republicans say they would support Palin in 2012, while 70% of Democrats said they were "not at all likely" to vote for her.

Even if she doesn't run, voters think Palin will play a pivotal role in who eventually gets the GOP nomination. 39% of Americans say she is in a strong position to pick the candidate, including 67% of Republicans and 18% of Democrats. 34% of independents could also see Palin serving as king-maker.

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